How do I use the Tea Infuser?

Our Immortalitea Tea Brewing system is elegantly simple.

Note: Water temperature, amount of tea and brewing time varies for different kinds of tea

1. Set the infuser inside the double wall cup.
2. Scoop 2-5 grams of loose leaf tea into the strainer.
3. Add hot water up to about 1/2 inch below the rim of the infuser.
4. Cover with the lid and let brew the desired of time.
5. Remove the lid and set the lid upside down on the table (like a saucer)
6. Carefully lift the strainer out of the cup. If the water was close to boiling temperature, the infuser will be a hot. Allow the tea in the infuser to drain into the cup.
7. Set the infuser into the lid to prevent drips.

Enjoy your tea!

Here are a couple of additional tips.

When you fill your teacup with hot water for steeping, don’t fill it all the way. When you put on the lid for steeping, an air bubble is trapped between the lid and the hot water and it may make the hot water over-flow if the cup is very full.

The lid is designed to also serve as a resting place for the infuser when you finish steeping. This reduces mess from the dripping infuser and makes an easy place to store the leaves for subsequent steeping. Just turn it upside down and set the infuser inside.

The infuser also fits most teacups and mugs so if your double wall tea cup itself is dirty or already in use, feel free to use the infuser with any other cup you have handy.


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