How to brew Royal Breakfast Tea?

Brewing vessel - ceramic or Yixing clay recommended

Tea Quantity - about 1 tablespoon. The curled shape of the leaves makes it seem like you are spooning more tea than you are. Be generous.

Brewing time - 4-8 minutes (depending on preference)

Brewing Temp - 95° C (203° F)

Number of Brewings - You will easily get 3-4 brewings from this tea.

English Style - This is a hotly debated subject in some circles. People are passionate about their tea. This is how we do it. Feel free to call us wankers and do it you own way! And we apologize in advance to our Chinese friends who will surely be aghast that someone would do this to a fine Fengqing tea.

Put one teaspoon of tea for every person drinking the tea plus one tablespoon in a pre-warmed porcelain teapot. Heat the water until it's just started boiling. In the meantime warm a small amount of partially skimmed milk. Do not let the milk boil. You only want it warm. Add the boiling water to the teapot. Allow to steep for 3 minutes. Serve the tea into cups. Allow your guests to add milk and sugar to their personal taste.


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