How to change or apply a new Billing Address to my account?

If your billing address has been changed and you want to update your Immortalitea account billing information, please do the following:

1. Log in our website by clicking the My Account button near the upper-right corner of the window, putting your email into the Email Address field, putting your password into the Password field and clicking the Secure Log-in button.

2. Go to My account -> My account

3. Click the Billing Address button in the left part of the window

4. If there is Billing Address which you have put here before, you will see the same as on the picture below (text is hidden due to Privacy Policy). You can Edit it or Delete to put the new information by clicking the appropriate button.


5. You can Edit or Delete saved billing address and/or Enter the New Address.

6. Edit Address and Enter New Address menus are similar. Please fill the following fields with your actual information: First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, City, State, Zip/Postal code, Country, Phone number, then click the Use this Address button.

7. One address can be used both as Billing and Shipping address


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