Capsules vs. Tea, what's the difference?


The active ingredients in Gynostemma (aka Jiaogulan) are called gypenosides. In our jiaogulan we consistently measure the gypenoside content at around 7.5%. Consuming one dose of 1000 mg (2 capsules)provides 75 mg of gypenosides.

In contrast, one cup of tea uses about 2000 mg of tea but only about 50% of the gypenosides are extracted into the tea itself (assuming you use optimal conditions for extraction ) One cup of tea has about the same amount of gypenosides as one dose of capsules (75 mg.) We designed the capsules so that would be the case.

So, capsules or tea is really a matter of personal preference. However, for people wanting a stronger dosage it is easier to take more capsules than to drink 8 cups of tea.


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